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Board & Train

The Most Popular Service

Training your dog to become a well-mannered, obedient companion, even in challenging and distracting environments, is more work than most people realize.  The Obedience Matters “Board and Train" program offers the quickest and most effective path to achieving your on and off-leash training goals. Depending upon your dog’s needs and prior professional training, these programs last anywhere from 10- 28 days. 


For the duration of your dog's stay, they will be given an unmatched level of care along with two to three fellow board and train "classmates." Each day your dog will receive two 20-30 minute training sessions and ample free time for play, exploration, and lounging. Regarding play and exploration, your dog's temporary home boasts wide open fields, fenced exercise yards, quiet country roads, and some great hiking trails a short walk away. We also take field trips to places like Willow Creek Park in Park City, Round Valley, Main Street, Run-a Mok, and any other environment that will aid our training. 


In between your dog’s training sessions and playtime, as well as any short period I am away from the property, your dog(s) will rest comfortably and safely in my brand new 6-dog, climate-controlled kennel, where they can move freely between their private 5x5 indoor area and their 5x10 covered outdoor run.  Between all of the wide-open fenced-in land,  all-day access to their very own indoor/outdoor private runs, beautiful scenic walks high up in the hills of Silver Creek, and a home environment in the evening, your dogs are going to love it here! 


Once your dog's training is complete on my end, we will schedule 2-4 private training sessions to bring you up to speed on all your dog has learned. During these sessions, you will learn the following:


  1.  How to clearly communicate with your dog 

  2.  How to reinforce desirable behaviors

  3.  How to correct undesirable behaviors

  4.  How to confidently handle situations that in the past, were challenging for you and your dog

  5.  How to keep your dog safe during off-leash excursions

  6.  Basic everyday practices to ensure your dog remains well-mannered and reliably obedient both on and off leash for the remainder of their life


It is highly recommended that the following people give extra consideration to the Board and Train program 


  • Families with young children 

  • Those with full-time jobs that are unable to work from home 

  • Those with significant physical disabilities and or mobility issues

Private Lessons anchor

Private Lessons

For The Most Dedicated Individuals

Private lessons may be a good option for any one of the following types of people or circumstances:


"DIY" types that really enjoy learning new things 

Self-starters with the discipline to practice new things every day that may not always be fun and exciting, for the sake of accomplishing an end goal

Those on a tighter budget

People who are not feeling maxed out with existing commitments and responsibilities, i.e., Have free time to spare each day

Want to see how your dog responds to the trainer before enrolling in the Board and Train program


Private lessons usually last between 60-75 minutes. They can occur at my facility, your home, or any appropriate location to our training objectives. We typically meet 1-2 times per week for best results. The general layout of the lesson involves:

Reviewing and assessing your homework/progress from our previous lesson

Discussing our goals and training objectives for that day

Discussing any relevant learning theory

Myself, demonstrating and modeling with your dog, new training exercises for you to practice 

Observing you working with your dog and ensuring you are accurately reproducing the exercises I demonstrated 

Making sure, at the end of the lesson, you have a clear picture of what we would like to accomplish before the next meeting. 

Group Lessons Anchor

Group Lessons

For The Most Dedicated Individuals

The group class setting offers two main advantages , affordability and the opportunity to utilize other people and dogs in the class as distractions. Another potential advantage of the group class is to be able to watch your classmates take instruction and thus learn from both their mistakes and well executed actions.

Because of the inherently more distracting setting, the group class is typically best suited to handlers and dogs that either already have a a good foundation in basic obedience or those who have a dog that is not too extreme in their level of aggression , reactivity or general level of anxiety. Any of the aforementioned cases can require more personalized instruction and attention than a group class is able to offer. That being said, if you have a relatively confident and social but maybe just overly exuberant type of dog, the group class can be an excellent choice.

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